$169.00 NZD

Go green in style with the Zero Waste Compost Set, the set includes Pebbly's 4.5L Compost bin, a bamboo cutting board, a paring knife, and an organic vegetable bag. Effortlessly compost food scraps with bin, while the bamboo cutting board offers durability and function, and the paring knife makes it easy to cut up fruit and vegetables. The compost bin features a cream appearance and removable charcoal filter inside the lid. It is lightweight and has a bamboo handle for easy transportation to the composter. 

  • What is in the box: Board 23x15x1cm/Paring Knife 20.5cm/Vegetable Bag 24x29cm/Compost Bin 18x18x24.5cm/4.5L
  • The charcoal filter should be handwashed regularly to prolong its life.
  • Handwash only.
  • Do not soak.