Everything we do challenges the status quo by using business to instigate positive social and environmental change. Making beautiful bags just happens to be how we do it!
Founded back in 2015, two best friends set out with a mission to give talented craftsman a fighting chance to support themselves. It was Danny's travels through India, Nepal and Bali that made him determined to keep the families he'd met out of sweatshops. Kai's childhood in South Africa inspired him to bring social equity to his community. Fast forward, and Duffle&Co now proudly supports two workshops, over 20 craftsman and creates beneficial environmental change.

By choosing Duffle&Co, you're showing the world that you wear your values. You're casting a vote for craftsmanship over mass production, climate positive design and a future that envisions a cleaner planet.
With your help we support talented craftsman in Bali and South Africa, empower local communities, plant trees to restore biodiversity and wildlife populations, and offset our emissions by 120%.
We're using fashion as a force for good. So can you!

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