This classic-looking timer can be set to up to 60 minutes and has A magnet on the back.westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen tools. Westmark has been making reliable kitchenware for over 50 years, and offers A wide range of practical and ingenious kitchen products designed to make cooking easier. Westmark designs and produces many of their products in Elspe, Germany, where A team of highly trained specialists work to produce their amazing kitchen gadgets. Their numerous tools provide for virtually all possible food preparation needs in the kitchen. For kitchenware you can rely on, choose Westmark.

  • Westmark Germany "Futura" Timer
  • Affix this scientific-looking timer to your fridge and set it to time your cooking!
  • Will time up to 60 minutes. Turn clockwise to set.
  • Backed by the Westmark Guarantee