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Experience the ultimate collection of New Zealand baking with The Great New Zealand Baking Book. This exceptional compilation features over 60 recipes from some of our finest bakers, including renowned legends like Jo Seagar, Lauraine Jacobs, Tui Flower, and Dame Alison and Simon Holst. It also showcases delectable creations from rising stars such as Hannah Horton, Sam Mannering, and Eleanor Ozich.

Drawing from the best recipes of The Great New Zealand Cookbook and offering over 100 new recipes, this book is divided into seven sections: 'Muffins & Scones', 'Baked Desserts', 'Sweet Treats', 'Cakes & Loaves', 'Savoury Snacks', 'Biscuits & Slices', and a wholesome 'Not-So-Naughty' section featuring nutritious delights by experts like Nadia Lim and Megan May.

Prepare to embark on a delectable baking adventure with this comprehensive and diverse collection, bringing the best of Kiwi baking to your kitchen.