$120.00 NZD

The joyous moment of popping open a bottle of sparkling wine is universally adored. This expertly crafted tool enhances the experience, making it even more magical. Just slip the corkscrew onto the bottle neck, apply gentle pressure, and twist. The cork will soar with a delightful fizz, only to be securely captured.

  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty 10 Years
  • Dimensions: L23 cm x W4.9 cm x H4.9 cm


  • Before using any corkscrew, always read the appropriate instructions for your model. Remove any foil covering the cork, and check that the neck and rim of the bottle are free from chips and cracks that could weaken the bottle. When opening, hold the bottle on a solid, level surface.
  • Handle the corkscrew with care, as the tip of the screw is sharp. Ensure that the corkscrew is seated squarely on the neck of the bottle before using.
  • Lever model corkscrews are not suitable for opening sparkling wines, and are not designed to replace corks in opened bottles. For old, fragile, brittle or broken corks we suggest using a two-prong Butler’s Friend.