$29.99 NZD

Discover the ingenuity of this silicone bag, featuring a patented leak-resistant zipper seal. Its clever design ensures mess-free meals and snacks by catching drips and crumbs. This versatile bag is perfect for meals on the run, marinating, storing frozen foods, sous vide cooking, and more. Made from 100% platinum silicone, it is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics and foil, helping you reduce waste in your kitchen.

  • Patented leak-resistant zipper seal, woth easy access with opening along 2 sides
  • Catches drips & crumbs for mess-free lunches & snacks
  • Use 100's of times for lunches, snacks, marinating, frozen foods, sous vide, meal prep & more
  • Durable 100% platinium silicone
  • Reduces food waste & replaces single use plastics or foil
  • Dimensions: D19.38 x W1.16 x H17.15cm