$199.00 NZD

Experience the exceptional performance of the Microplane Black Sheep Fine Grater, designed for a variety of culinary tasks. This grater is perfect for zesting citrus fruits and grating aromatics like shallots, onions, garlic, and ginger into a fine paste for gourmet cooking. It also effortlessly transforms hard cheeses like Parmesan into a fluffy cloud for garnishing pasta and savory dishes. The grater features a durable PVD coating for extra scratch resistance and boasts a photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra-sharp stainless-steel blade made in the USA.

  • Photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra-sharp, stainless-steel blade - Made in USA
  • Foods are precisely cut, without ripping or tearing
  • Non-slip rubber foot for more safety & stability while grating
  • Features a PVD coating to provide extra scratch resistance
  • Size: L30.00 x W6.80 x H1.50 cm