$19.99 NZD

If you’re looking for space-saving kitchen tools this compact measuring spoon provides the perfect solution. It features a sliding handle insert that adjusts the size of the bowl at each end, allowing you to measure both wet and dry ingredients in a range of volumes without the need for multiple spoons. Simply align the easy-read arrow indicators against the desired volume before adding the ingredient to be measured. For dry ingredients, the flat top edge profile of the design means you can easily level off any excess with the back of a knife. To clean, simply slide the handle insert towards the shallow end and gently push until it pops out. The design features measurements from 1 ml up to 15 ml and from ¼ tsp up to 1 tbsp.

  • Simply slide handle to adjust volume measurement
  • Easy-read measurement indicators
  • Measures wet ingredients from 1 ml up to 15 ml
  • Measures dry ingredients from ¼ tsp up to 1 tbsp
  • Dismantles for easy cleaning