$38.50 NZD

Indulge in the Truffle & Honey Manuka Royale Duo 40g, featuring the sweet original and gourmet delight of Manuka honey. Both creamed manuka honey and truffle manuka honey cater to various lifestyles and dietary needs, offering high bioavailability of nutrients. Sourced sustainably and ethically in New Zealand, this honey is known for its delicious taste. To use creamed manuka honey, add it to tea or toast, consume it by the spoonful for an energy boost, or use it in a skincare mask. Truffle manuka honey, made with manuka honey and black truffle, pairs well with cheese, meat, and bread, can be drizzled over desserts, or used as a marinade for game birds.

  • A set of truffle manuka honey (manuka honey and black truffle) and creamed manuka honey (manuka honey).
  • New Zealand made honey. 
  • Capacity: 40g each.