$55.00 NZD

Induction disc / Induction disk / Diffuser

• Allows you to use all of your pans on induction stoves

• Diffuses heat allowing for easy simmering

• Distributes heat evenly allowing for consistent cooking

• The plate consists of three layers. The upper and lower layers are stainless steel whilst the middle is aluminium allowing for excellent heat distribution

• Can also be used as a gas hob trivet stabiliser. Ideal support for stovetop espresso pots – even the small ones.

• Removeable handle for easy storage and less stovetop clutter

• Can be used on induction and gas cooktops. Not for ceramic cooktops.



- Stainless Steel 18/0 + Aluminium 1050

- 3.4mm thick (2.4mm Aluminium encapsulated by 0.5mm Stainless Steel)

- Brushed finish

- removeable handle (19cm x 3.5cm)


Also available in 28cm (but with a permanently attached handle)