$649.00 NZD

Bring restaurant quality into your kitchen with the Hiro 7 Piece Knife Block Set from Global. This set includes six of Global's best-selling knives so you easily accomplish any food preparation task. Handcrafted in Japan from the finest CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, Global Knives are ice-tempered and hardened to Rockwell 56-58 degrees Celius which holds a sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. 

  • Each knife features Global's signature ergonomic stainless steel handles which provides a comfortable, slip-resistant grip and offers a more hygenic and durable alternative to wood. 
  • The elegent storage block keeps your knives safe, organised and close to hand while protecting the blades and reducing wear on the cutting edge.

The set includes:

  • GSF-15 8cm Paring Knife - Perfect for paring, peeling, coring, cleaning and slicing small fruits and veggies.
  • GSF-22 11cm Utility Knife - The narrow blade is designed for small cutting, dicing and slicing as well filleting. 
  • GS-3 13cm Cook's Knife - Small blade is ideal for use as a paring knife or cutting small portions of meat, poulty and fish.
  • GS-5 14cm Vegetable Knife - The square-shaped blade is great for chopping, slicing and dicing all veggies as well as removing stalks. Known as a Nakiri Knife, it's a popular alternative to a Santoku knife.  
  • G-2 20cm Cook's Knife - A staple in all Global's knife block sets, this multi-purpose knife is designed to do the heavy-lifting of your chopping, slicing and cutting food preparation. 
  • G-9 22cm Bread Knife - Serrated edge is perfect for slicing thick bread crusts as well tough rinds on melons, pumpkins and gourds.