$57.50 NZD

Introducing the fabulous Beetle Watering Can from Hachiman. Say farewell to mundane watering routines and embrace a new world of precise and effective plant care. With its patented multi-groove spout, the Beetle Watering Can ensures a unique and gentle watering experience that safeguards your cherished plants. The secret to its efficiency lies in the spout's specially designed grooves, with the 1.5L version featuring three grooves for an even water distribution, providing your plants with the perfect hydration they need while avoiding heavy water streams associated with traditional spouts when fully tipped.

  • Tough, Thick-Walled Construction For Extra Strength
  • Sustainable Design & Production, Fully Recyclable, Non-Toxic.
  • Unique 3 Channel Pouring Spout
  • Extremely Durable with Ultra Long Life
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Wearing Surface
  • Easy Clean & Food Safe. Can Be Washed With Bleach.
  • Strong Handle For Hanging Or Carrying
  • Ergonomic Handle For Easy Pouring
  • Fully Stackable
  • Inner Measuring Markers
  • Precise Directional Pouring At Plant Base
  • Secure Hose Holder For Filling
  • Suitable For Temperatures From -20c to 120c
  • 1.5L Capacity
  • Water, Mould & Sun UV Resistant