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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of fungi with this practical and contemporary guide.

Liv Sisson, a passionate forager and fungus enthusiast, shares invaluable tips and takes readers on a fascinating journey to explore the remarkable and diverse fungi found in Aotearoa.

Uncover the secrets of identifying the finest edible varieties, learn how to incorporate them into delicious recipes, and gain insights into the profound impact these incredible organisms have had on our world. Discover their pivotal role in cutting-edge medical and environmental research.

Featuring exquisite full-colour photographs, intriguing facts, and detailed descriptions of over 130 species (including the mesmerising werewere kokako, NZ's national fungus), Fungi of Aotearoa is a treasure trove of information and guidance. It promises to captivate armchair enthusiasts, intrepid explorers, and aspiring experts alike.