$58.00 NZD

La Chamba cookware, a distinctive and traditional kitchen essential, hails from the Andes of Colombia. Whether you're a skilled gourmet chef or someone who enjoys uncomplicated meals, La Chamba promises you long-lasting delight in both cooking and serving. This South American culinary tool has been a staple for centuries, with a history spanning back over 700 years, as evidenced by the discovery of vases and pitchers at archaeological sites.

  • La Chamba cookware is meticulously handcrafted from coarse dark grey clay and finished with a delicate terracotta glaze. As you would expect with artisanal creations, you can anticipate slight colour and shape variations.
  • Care: Prior to first use, clean with mild detergent, fill each piece 3/4 full with water and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. This allows La Chamba items to seal. Wooden utensils are recommended to prevent scratching. Whilst it is safe to wash La Chamba in the dishwasher, to maintain its natural patina we recommend hand washing. Harsh detergents and dishwashers can dull the surface of La Chamba.
  • Dimensions: 19cmLx7cmWx10cmH