Make your life easy by exploring recipes using your air fryer. Air fryer is easy to use, fast and make food crispier and crunchier and this book shows how to cook dishes with the air fryer. This cookbook has 100 and more dinners, sides, snacks, desserts, and vegetarian recipes. It includes Buttermilk waffles, Huevos ranchero wraps, Caramelized pineapple shortbread, Churros with chocolate sauce, Lemon-blueberry donuts, Sesame-orange tofu and broccoli, Turkish cauliflower fritters, and Zucchini-feta pancakes with Tzatziki sauce, Sweet potato fries, Potato wedges with cheddar dip, Smoky candied pecans, Roasted garlic guacamole and Low country hush puppies. Cook easily and enjoy your meal.