$38.90 NZD

The Dish Drying Mat fixes the age old issue of how to air dry bulky or fragile items after hand washing without leaving water all over benchtops. The laminated design combines a thin layer foam between two layers or super absorbent Eco Cloths which works to cushion delicate dishes and glassware. The Eco Cloths are four times more absorbent than cotton tea towels. 

  • Super absorbent & fast drying.
  • Ideal for hygienically air drying pots, pans, dishes, and glasses.
  • Crafted with a laminated design, featuring a thin layer of foam between layers of eco cloth for enhanced absorption.
  • Made with a center foam, allowing you to dry dishes on a cushioned surface.
  • Machine washable.
  • Material: 73% Polyester, 27% Polyamide, 3mm Pu Sponge
  • Size: 40cm x 45cm