$119.99 NZD

In contrast to other mortar and pestles, this elegant design comes with a versatile bamboo lid that serves multiple functions. Primarily, it helps maintain the cleanliness of the mortar, protecting it from dust when stored on a countertop or shelf. The lid features a deep groove on top, providing a secure place to rest the pestle when not in use. When taken off, the lid can be inverted and utilised as a surface for preparing ingredients or even as a compact chopping board. The heavy-weight pestle and mortar are both carved from the same hard-wearing, natural granite, making them perfect for crushing garlic, grinding spices, pounding herbs and making pesto and salsas. 

  • Heavy-weight design carved from hard-wearing natural granite
  • Bamboo lid keeps mortar clean and dust free when stored
  • Pestle stores safely on top of lid
  • Lid can also be used for holding ingredients or as a small chopping surface
  • Ideal for making spice rubs, pastes, dressings, sauces and marinades
  • Wash and dry by hand.
  • Dimensions: Mortar - Dia. 21.5 cm. x H5 cm. Pestle - Dia. 4.5 cm Dia. x L17 cm.