$22.90 NZD

Refill your Bluapple Classic and say goodbye to wasted money and spoiled produce with Bluapple! The One Year Refill pack includes 8 Bluapple satchels so you can keep your Bluapple going for a whole year saving you money by preserving your produce for longer. 

Each BluApple satchel contains a proprietary mix of volcanic ash and sodium permanganate, which absorbs the ethylene gas emitted by your fruits and veggies over a three-month period. And when it's time to replace the satchel, simply empty the contents into your garden - it's simple, effective, and eco-friendly.

  • Pack includes 8 x Satchel Refills.
  • Refills your two Bluapples® for one full year.
  • Satchels contain mix of volcanic ash and sodium permanganate.
  • Each satchel lasts 3 months.
  • Bluapple Classics sold separately.