$99.99 NZD

Black Leather ID Card Holder with Lanyard is a robust and elegant carrying solution for your cards that enables you to quickly and easily scan your identification, access, or transit card. It includes a built in privacy feature that safeguards your sensitive information, and also provides supplementary storage for a business or coffee card. The durable and noiseless custom made retractor is another standout feature. This Black Leather ID Card Holder is expertly crafted from top quality LWG certified full grain leather and entirely recycled woven polyester. It has a detachable woven lanyard with a safety breakaway release.

  • It's a cards carrying solution that has a supplementary storage.
  • Dimension: Length excluding Lanyard: 150mm / 5.9", Length including Lanyard: 560mm / 22.05", Width of the card holder: 70mm / 2.75", Thickness of card holder: 4mm / 0.16".
  • ID Card Holder Materials : LWG Top grain Cowhide Leather, Stainless steel 420 series, Acrylic, 1mm Nylon Dyneema, ABS.
  • Lanyard Materials: Recycled polyester, ABS, Polypropylene.