Kaffelogic Coffee Roasters

Kaffelogic Nano 7 is arguably the worlds best home coffee roaster. It is designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand by Chris Hilder, a software developer from Dunedin. Chris has designed Kaffelogic for both the home roaster and professionals so anyone can now roast coffee easily and in the comfort of their own home.

Kaffelogic Nano 7 features include:

  • 120gm green bean roast capacity, Just 2 or 3 roasts a week and your coffee supplies are sorted!
  • Your very own Kaffelogic Management Profiling Studio software so you can roast as the professionals do!
  • Online 'community page' that allows users to swap roast profiles and ideas.

Start with the best beans in the world

Keep a range of single-origin coffees in your kitchen cupboard and roast what you like, when you like. Green beans can be easily bought online from us, see our extensive selection to obtain some of the world's best specialty coffees. Green beans stay fresh for months, so stock up on the ones you like the most. Try them as single origin or blend them just as your local roaster would do, the choice is yours.

Pick the best roast profile, or develop your own

Kaffelogic roasting systems boast exquisite control over every stage of the roast. Use the built-in roast profile, download a roast profile specific to the beans you are roasting, or use our app to develop and share your own roast profiles.

Enjoy the coffee

Scoop, pour, click. Fifteen minutes later enjoy freshly roasted beans: locally roasted at your place.