$90.00 NZD

The Ziggy earrings offer a classic and understated design with a hint of added sparkle. They can be worn beautifully on their own or layered seamlessly with other earrings for a stylish look.

  • 18k Gold plated stainless steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Hypoallergenic & water-resistant
  • It is natural for gold plated jewellery to fade over time due to exposure to different chemicals.


  • Remove your jewellery before you swim in chlorine or salt water.
  • Remove your jewellery before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot.
  • Wait to put on your jewellery until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.
  • Remove jewellery if you will be bringing it into contact with something hard. (For example, take off your ring before lifting weights.)
  • Store your gold plated jewellery where it won’t rub against other hard substances (a soft bag—one per piece of jewelry—is ideal).