$38.50 NZD

Wireless Charging Dock (Compatible with any Qi Enabled Smart Phone)

Charging your phone is now easier than ever! (Color: Black or White)

This slimline dock chargers Qi enabled devices wirelessly.

Simply place your phone on the charging pad and the LED indicator will light up and your phone will begin charging by induction.

Charge your phone without ever having to look for a cable again!

Input: DC5V-1500mA

Output: 5 watts

Charge Time: Approx 3-4 hours

Charging effciency: 70%

Will charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick

Frequency: 80 -205 kHz

includes USB cable (USB / Micro USB)

This device is a wireless charging transmitter, designed to charge smart phones via electromagnetic induction.

Compatible with all Qi enabled devices with wireless charging capability.