$59.99 NZD

The go-to whisk for every cook. Best's Balloon Whisk's magic is in the 10-wire shape - perfect for whipping up the airiest meringue and crème, incorporating dry ingredients, mixing batters, emulsifying sauces and dressings and making mayonnaise. A loop secures the wires near the working surface to better reach shallow ingredients. The Stainless Steel wires and one inch diameter handle are designed for commercial stovetop conditions. The thick handle offers a solid grip and is completely sealed with epoxy to eliminate any area where food may lodge and water may enter making it hygenic and easy to clean.

Best Manufacturers are a family business who have designed and fabricated the highest quality, most sanitary professional whisks and mashers in Portland, Oregon since 1959. With roots in the restaurant supply industry, Best supplies the same durable cooking tools required by the rigors of the professional kitchen to the home cook.

Dishwasher safe. Made in the USA. L12 inch (30cm).