Smart Cup 12oz- Light Aqua/Mid Orange/Light Aqua

Introducing the worlds smartest coffee cup, Frank Greens reusable SmartCup. At Frank Green, the philosophy is simple. Design innovative products that are stylish, functional and good for the environment. Frank Green is on a mission to motivate others to live more sustainably and reduce unnecessary waste. With environmental sustainability at the core of the business, for each product you buy, Frank Green donates a portion of the profits to Earthwatch institute.

A world-first innovation that means that CafePay reads your frank green SmartCup or smartphone to take your order, make secure cashless payments, store value on your cup and reward your loyalty with free coffees and special offers. Just tap the lid on the CafePay reader at any participating coffee shop to pay for your coffee.

SmartCup is non-spill, dishwasher safe, has a non-slip grip and has been designed to fit seamlessly into your morning coffee ritual.

Frank Green Smart Cups are designed, engineered and made in Australia.

Available in

12oz/340ml (large coffees)


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