$620.00 NZD

A culinary classic, the Le Creuset casserole has been loved by cooks across the world for nearly a century. Perfectly designed for stews, roasts, soups, casseroles and baking, this iconic piece is your one-stop pot for memorable meals with an intense depth of mouth-watering flavour.

  • Stay cool: heat resistant knob (up to 260°C) is designed for a better grip, even when using oven gloves to lift the lid.
  • Quick cleanup: a light enamel interior helps make cleaning easier.
  • Easy-grip: its large, comfortable handles allow for safe and easy lifting even when wearing oven gloves.
  • Suitable for the oven, hob, induction or under the grill.
  • Great tasting food: the cast iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning. Your delicious creations will also stay warmer at the table for longer.
  • Locks in moisture: the tight-fitting lid helps boost moisture and enhances flavour, for perfectly cooked food.
  • Not too hot: cook with a steady, low to medium heat to take care of your cast iron and enjoy delicious results.


  • Material: Enamelled cast iron
  • Made in France
  • Lifetime manufacturing guarantee
  • Suitable for the oven, hob, induction or under the grill. 
  • Suitable for induction, gas, ceramic and electric hobs.


  • Base 20cm: 2.4L Capacity, L27.3cm x W21.5cm x H14.1cm x D8.8cm
  • Base 22cm: 3.3L Capacity, L30cm x W23.3cm x H15.2cm x D9.7cm
  • Base 24cm: 4.2L Capacity, L32.5cm x W25.2cm x H16.6cm x D10.3cm
  • Base 26cm: 5.3L Capacity, L35.3cm x W27.4cm x H17.2cm x D11.1cm
  • Base 28cm: 6.7L Capacity, L37.7cm x W29.7cm x H18.4cm x D12cm