$885.00 NZD

The mouthfeel and flavour clarity of espresso pulled on the Sette out-classes other home espresso grinders. The multitude of features offered by the Sette makes dialling in espresso simple and hassle-free. Thirty steps of macro-adjustment and a fully step-less micro-adjustment system gives the user a near-infinite number of grind settings to allow for the best, most precise dial-in on any Baratza grinder. This allows room for even the most attentive taster to explore delicate layers of sweetness, acidity, and body for all types of espresso from classic Italian dark roasts to progressive light roasts.

The machine is equipped with a digital scale utilizing Acaia technology that holds three adjustable and precise pre-sets. This allows you to save three different dose weights for a variety of uses. Acaia's scale technology includes Bluetooth connectivity so that you can pair your Sette 270Wiwith Acaia's Sette Updater app on iOS to ensure timely updates if a change to the software is made. The inclusion of Acaia's user interface software makes the Sette 270Wi even more powerful for the home barista

The "i" in Wi stands for "intelligent". The machine will learn from its own dose errors and modify the amount of coffee it produces with consecutive grinds. The result is greater accuracy over time. Weight 20 kg

Available for New Zealand based customers only.