$59.99 NZD
Prepara's Roasting Laurel is a clever alternative to a traditional metal roasting rack. This heat resistant silicone roasting aid keeps your bird or roast up and out of the unhealthy fats and nasty burned bits in the bottom of your roasting pan or dish. It helps your roast to brown more evenly around the sides and eliminates sticking. The roasting laurel acts just like a roasting rack. It lifts and keeps your food out of the greasy fat at the bottom of the pan while cooking This innovative laurel is completely bendable and flexible. Bend and shape the roasting laurel to fit the shape and size of food you are roasting. The Roasting Laurel is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F/260 degrees C. Place the roasting laurel directly in your roasting dish or roasting pan. Because the Roasting Laurel is made from durable and heat resistant silicone, it will not damage or scratch your pans. Also, care is simple- dishwasher safe!
 It is made from BPA free materials and is flexible and bendable to accommodate the shape of the item you are cooking. The roasting laurel is also heat resistant to 500-degree F • Helps roast brown evenly, eliminates sticking • Unlike metal roasting racks, the Roasting Laurel will not scratch or damage pots and pans. Because of its unique and flexible shape, the laurel is well suited for everything from roasting vegetables to cooking fish. Foods are kept out of grease and cook evenly. Dimensions 2.00 x 24.30 x 1.10 Inches.