$18.50 NZD

ZIPTUCK from Full Circle are your durable and budget friendly reusable zip lock bags. Made from reusable FDA-grade EVA plastic, they can be used for lunches, freezing food or storing and organising all kinds of things in your home. If you're going out on the water on a boat, going to the beach or travelling with liquids, putting valuable electronics inside a ZIPTUCK will offer them protection.

ZIPTUCK are a cheaper alternative to silicone bags such as Stasher Bags. ZIPTUCK cannot be used to reheat or cook food in the microwave, or in a sous vide machine like a Stasher can, but they're suitable for all your cold food storage, including in the freezer.

ZIPTUCK are soft and flexible and have a zip closure that makes them leakproof when completely sealed. Label with a whiteboard marker when using in the freezer and wipe clean when you empty the bag.

MADE FROM - FDA-grade EVA plastic (bpa free and does not require a plasticizer in production).

VOLUME - 2 x 830ml

MEASUREMENTS - 20.3cm square

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash. Top Rack Dshwasher Safe but they will have a longer life with hand washing.