$59.90 NZD

Are you looking for a cute gift for a newborn or small child that will stand the test of time and come to be a truly loved and precious part of their life?
If so, look no further than Bobby the Bunny.

The plush grey fur of these bunnies is so snuggly, they will be a great comfort to little ones and the use of complementary printed fabrics adds another cute dimension.

The stitched detail in the face, while remaining a neutral expression, really brings these bunnies to life and gives them a personality. But you can rest assured, because the face is stitched there are no small parts such as eyes or noses to worry about coming detached and posing a risk to kiddos.

These sweet bunnies are bound to become lifelong pals and provide hours of love, comfort and imaginative play for little girls and boys alike.

Super soft jersey feel fabric.

Size 9cm x 40cm.

Weight 70g.