$31.50 NZD $45.00 NZD

Phone Holder is designed for those who consider their phone an essential part of life. It offers a practical and stylish solution, slipping onto your notebook to keep your phone easily accessible yet discreet. Perfect for work, school, or university, it ensures your phone is always within reach without having to hold it. The holder features an elastic band where you can slide other essentials, and when someone calls, simply unclip, pull up the strap, and your phone is ready to answer. The velour lining and the security clip are gentle on your screen. With its pull up strap and stretchy elastics, this holder offers a flexible fit.

  • Expandable sides accommodate most phone shapes and sizes.
  • Has "Kind to your screen" velour lining and security clip.
  • Features pull up strap for quick release and stretchy elastics for flexible fits.
  • Fits A5 style notebooks and books.
  • Available in Brown, Charcoal, Dark Red, Cream, Teal colours.
  • Phone holder only not including notebooks and other accessories.