$239.90 NZD

Manufactured in Italy, Essteele has always been at the forefront of cookware design and innovation and is truly a world-class product. Essteele Per Vita combines Italian elegance with quality Italian engineering to create flawless, beautiful looking cookware that continually performs.

It features a uniquely engineered and stylish copper base for superb heat conductivity and cooking performance. The sheet of solid copper spreads heat rapidly across the Sauteuses induction suitable base and around the corners. This results in optimum heat control and perfect cooking conditions favoured by the most discerning cooks. Copper is favoured by professional chefs as it allows heat to spread evenly and rapidly.

The elegant and refined design is crafted from high quality polished stainless steel for superior durability and shine. Essteele Per Vita endures the toughest cooking environments while remaining beautiful through it all. Your Essteele Per Vita 30cm Covered Risotto pan will last a lifetime.