The Nawrap Dishcloth is made from quality 100% rayon and cotton materials that becomes softer the more you use it. Designed with an 6 layer weave construction, this dishcloth uses a unique Japanese process to ensure durability and strength is within every dishcloth. This bright and colourful dishcloth will add a pop of colour to your kitchen. 
The benefit of this traditional Japanese design is made with a unique texture that is more breathable, water absorbent and quick drying making it better to clean with whilst damp. 
  • Made with an 8 layer construction for optimal durability and strength
  • Breathable, water resistant and quick drying material
  • The more you use the dishcloth, the softer it becomes
  • Unique process making cannot be found outside of Japan
  • Machine and hand washable 
  • Made in Japan
  • Measures 35cm x 40cm 
  • Made with 100% rayon and cotton