$1,599.00 NZD

The next step in achieving the perfect espresso at home. Roast your own coffee beans with Kaffelogic's inventive Nano 7 Benchtop Roaster. Pour in the beans and enjoy freshly roasted beans just 15 minutes later - roast on demand is now a reality.

The Nano 7 is designed to suit your kitchen and your busy life and is the only roaster in its class with one-touch operation and designed to fit on your kitchen bench. It remembers the last roast settings used, so when you emerge for the day only to discover you are out of coffee, just add another scoop of green beans. So wake up, pour those beans in, press start, and smell the coffee.

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 is an air roaster. Getting the air speed right is critical to flavour development and this is something that the Kaffelogic excels at. The fan speed control system is so precise that it is possible to keep the beans in a state of transitional fluidisation - just enough air to circulate the beans and ensure an even roast with good chaff removal, yet not too much air to dry out the beans and cool the bean surface during exothermy. The result: an extremely clean roast with good depth of flavour.

This is designed to be an heirloom appliance: to be durable and longlasting enough for your grandchildren to inherit in perfect working order. Only robust components are used, every part is replaceable, and the roaster can be disassembled and reassembled with ordinary tools. Kaffelogic believe that the best way to be sustainable is to build with the future in mind and to honour the right to repair.

No more plastic valve, foil lined or laminated bags when you buy coffee beans. You can buy green beans in paper bags or reusable cotton bags. That's a lot of packaging no longer going to landfill.


  • Compact Size: designed to sit comfortably on your kitchen bench
  • Easy to use: one-touch operation and an included USB to transfer favour profiles from your laptop to your roaster. 
  • Designed for daily use: remembers the previous roast settings 
  • Fast Roasting: air roasting technology allows roast to be ready in just 15 minutes
  • Durable and long lasting: all parts are robust and replaceable. The roaster can be disassembled/reassembled with ordinary tools.
  • Sustainable: save on single-use plastic by removing the need for plastic value, foil lined or laminated bags when you buy roasted coffee beans.

What's in the box?

  • Base Unit (roasting chamber, heater, fan, and roast microcontroller): featuring a display screen and simple, intuitive controls.
  • Chaff Collector: an aluminium chimney to carry the chaff away from the roasted coffee. The lid comes off and the chimney slides out for emptying and cleaning.
  • Memory Stick: lets you load different profiles into the roaster
  • Measuring Scoop: easily load the roaster without the need to weigh out the beans. Any variation in weight is taken up the the roast control system. All you have to do is scoop, pour, click.
  • Instruction Book: brief instructions to get you started safely on your roasting journey.


  • Roasting system: variable airspeed fluidised air
  • Automation system: dual profiles, temperature and airspeed
  • Temperature control: PID control with the unique Kaffelogic look-ahead and gain scheduling system, fully user programmable
  • Safety: continuous monitoring with full shutdown on fault detection - roaster is safe to operate unattended
  • Heater: 1400 W
  • Motor: Brushless DC 60W
  • Power supply: 230-240 V AC
  • Batch size: 100g roasted (120g green)
  • Roast time: (typical) 10 mins
  • Cool down time: (typical) 2.5 mins (at 21° C)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions: W125mm x D125mm x H280mm base unit, height with chaff collector 430 mm

Please Note: Available for New Zealand-based customers only.