$599.00 NZD

The Miyabi 5000MCD Nakiri, or Japanese vegetable knife, with a 17cm blade. Thanks to their blade, Nakiri are ideal for juliennes, brunoise and other precision knife cuts for vegetables. Also a great tool for cutting into very hard skinned produce like pumpkins and squash. The Miyabi Birchwood 5000MCD range combines the advanced hardening technology, with the most precious knife materials and the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

  • A core of SG2 super-steel is protected by a 101-layer stunning flower Damascus pattern.
  • A CRYODUR® blade that has undergone a four-step ice hardening process to maximise the properties of the steel.
  • MC63 Micro Carbide powder steel with a 63 Rockwell Hardness (63HRC).
  • Birchwood handle features a striking mosaic pin, red spaces accents and a steel end cap.