Make two cups of espresso at the same time. You don’t need to split a cup of coffee into two or make another one anymore if you have this Mini Express Magritte 2 Cup Set. It is simple and convenient to use: Just fill the bottom with water, add your ground coffee to the funnel and heat on your stovetop gently. The aluminium plate helps the cups to be warmed up as the coffee brews. Eight sided shape makes it to diffuse heat well and this enhances coffee aroma. Share your rich espresso with your friend and family.

  • Made from food grade aluminium, with a nylon handle.
  • Has Bialetti’s patented safety valve.
  • Set includes mini express pot and 2 espresso cups.
  • Care: Handwash in warm water and dry thoroughly.
  • Dimensions: Total Height 16.5cm x Base Width 8cm