$34.99 NZD

Measuring just 18cm x 18cm, no job is too small for this adorable Tiny Team Mini Brush & Dustpan Set by the environmentally-concerned Full Circle. Clean up small messes from your dining room to your bedroom (and beyond). Perfect for kids' mealtime messes, cleaning up kitty litter spills, crumbs on countertops and any other small task you can sweep up. The brush locks into the pan and hangs or stands for easy storage.

  • Cleans up small messes.
  • Brush locks into pan.
  • Hangs or stands for easy storage.
  • Material: Bamboo, recycled plastic, silicone, rubber.
  • Size: 6.69" x 7.08" x 2.16" | 17cm x 18cm x 5.5cm
  • Care: Wash in warm water with some soap.