$9.90 NZD

Crema Pro milk I.D. clips - Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Tan, Lite Blue

Helps the busy barista identify the type of milk in each jug so customers get the right order every time.

The essential tool to quickly identify the different types of milk. Helps eliminate waste and cross contamination between milk types.                                            
Whats in the box?
2 x Crema Pro Milk I.D. Clips - colour: Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Tan, Lite Blue

DIMENSIONS length: height: 50mm width: 25mm                                                                                        
UNIVERSAL FIT Clips onto most milk pitchers from 350ml and above    
EMBOSSED IDENTIFICATION Each clip is embossed with an indentification word   Almond - red, Full - dark blue, Light - yellow, Soy - tan, Lactose Free - lite blue
MADE FROM THE BEST Made from hard wearing polypropylene, food safe and dishwasher safe                                  PREMIUM QUALITY Crema Pro products are carefully crafted from premium materials to guarantee a long lasting product that will suit all of your coffee needs. Add one to your cart today!                                                                  
Crema Pro Brand
polypropylene body