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Frances Palmer is a renowned potter, a gardener, a photographer, a cook, a beekeeper, an entrepreneur, a mother—and an artist who, over the course of more than three decades, has attracted designers and design lovers, writers, and fellow artists who admire her as a woman who’s successfully built a richly creative life. In Life in the Studio, Palmer finally tells her story, in her words and images, distilling from her experiences the kind of lessons that will directly inspire a new generation of makers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs. Life in the Studio is as beautiful and unexpected as her pottery, as breathtakingly colourful as her celebrated dahlias, as intimate as the dinners she hosts in her studio for friends and family. There are insights into designing and throwing pots—the importance of centering, the discovery that clay has a personality. Palmer offers strategies for how to turn a passion into a business—the importance of partnerships, how to develop and stick to a routine. But there are also how-tos, including how to make a pyramid vase and how to grow dahlias.
Even recipes—the memory of cooking alongside her mother leads to the revelation of a secret ingredient in her beloved piecrust, one that she uses to make her favorite goat cheese and leek tart.With fascinating asides on everything from the history of pottery to types of glazes to what it means to persevere, the book is a portrait of a unique artist and a singular manual on how to live a creative life.