$91.50 NZD

This versatile Potato Ricer simplifies various kitchen tasks, including mashing potatoes, extracting moisture from cooked greens, and pressing tomatoes for sauce, among others. Its integrated disks eliminate the need for additional parts to make adjustments. With a built-in groove, the Potato Ricer conveniently rests on the edges of bowls and pots during use, ensuring stability. When it's time for cleaning, this handy tool easily comes apart for a hassle-free cleanup. Elevate your food preparation with this efficient and easy-to-maintain kitchen essential.

  • Stainless steel disk rotates easily to change puree consistency to fine, medium or coarse
  • Fine setting perfect for fluffy mashed potatoes, turnips, carrots and gnocchi
  • Medium setting ideal for spaetzle and pressing water out of cooked greens
  • Coarse setting is great for chunky applesauce, egg salad and pressing tomatoes for sauce