$10.90 NZD

Peeling boiled eggs has never been easier with Eggxact Peel. With its two special function ends, you can crack the egg with the blade end and then use the peeler end to remove the stubborn shell. The custom curve allows for a slim fit under the membrane, making it effortless to remove the shell in one piece. This handy tool can be used to crack both boiled and raw eggs, and its plastic blade is safe for kids to use. The slim design makes it perfect for lunch boxes and travel. Say goodbye to frustrating egg peeling and hello to effortless egg preparation with the Eggxact Peel.

  • Blade can be used for cracking raw eggs, no more raw egg dripping sides of a bowl or landing on the countertop.
  • Can peel a dozen eggs quickly to whip up deviled eggs.
  • Food safe plastic, BPA Free.
  • Dimensions: 7.25 inches L x 1 inch W x .875 inches H.
  • Dishwasher safe.