$100.00 NZD

CandleHand the one you wouldn't burn!

Justinas Bruzas founded CandleHand in 2015 after learning the craft of candle making from his dad. He had no artistic training, but found candle making to be a fun and creative activity that was very different from number based computer sciences that he was studying at the time. Coming up with the idea of making gesture shaped candles, challenged him to take his craftsmanship to the next level making them as real looking as possible. After years of experimentation he's delighted that it's only colour that distinguishes the candles from real hands!

The hand gesture candles are the same size as a real hand. 100% handmade and are a real copy of a real hand. High quality paraffin exactly repeats every line of skin texture. Only the wick and colour reveals that this is a candle.

Candles are solid and weigh about 300grams. The candle wick goes through the total height of all the candles.

We are delighted to add these stunning unique CandleHands from Lithuania to our range. Another great gift idea.