$199.90 NZD

Portable coffee maker Cafflano Klassic prepares filtered coffee also when traveling.  

All in one solution, coffee maker contains:

  • coffee grinder with ceramic grinding stones and foldable holder,
  • coffee filter,
  • pot for hot water 250 - 270 ml (it is necessary to fill the pot with the hot water),
  • thermo mug with lid.

All these components are included in one compact body. Using the coffee maker is a way of relaxing when preparing the coffee – you build the coffee maker.

The coffee maker is easy to clean and ecological. To prepare the coffee, you do not need the electricity or the single-use filters.

The coffee maker is made of durable plastic, of course, with no BPA.

Colour options: black. Height: 192 mm, diameter: 78 - 89 mm, weight: 470 g, water content: 250 - 270 ml.

Filtered coffee will not be in direct contact with the filter, not even when using the full dosage of water from the pot (250 - 270 ml).

With its dimensions, it usually fits all the cup holders in the vehicles.