$99.90 NZD

The Butter & Yogurt Kit has the specialist equipment you need to make consistently fantastic yogurts and butter at home. Create products bursting with healthy live cultures, every bit as creamy and thick as commercial ones - but with only natural ingredients.

We’ve included quality equipment and our recipe book for cultured, spreadable and flavoured butter as well as the whole range of yogurts from Greek to drinking, flavoured to frozen. Learn about milk, cultures, methods, and equipment – even our favourite recipes to use what you make.

Also included is a voucher for a free ingredients pack to make up to 20 liters (20 quarts) of probiotic yogurt and 150 g (5.29 oz) of natural sea salt for your butter. Leave a note at the checkout if you'd like us to redeem your voucher and ship the ingredients pack with the kit.