Body Bar - Ruby Rose

This wonderful Ruby Rose scented body lotion bar is full of nourishing and healing oils and butters. The beautifully nourishing, organic shea butter is ideal for restoring moisture, and the elegant rose fragrance gives a warm and subtle scent.

Made with organic beeswax, organic almond oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils of rose geranium and jasmine.

This product also comes with a re-usable wax coated fabric sheet, perfect for packing up snacks! Each product is handmade and packaged so you can look forward to various different wax sheet designs.

How to use:

A body lotion bar is made up of a blend of oils, which are solid at room temperature. As you hold them, the heat from your hands warms the oil and melts the bar. You can then massage it directly onto dry skin; this massages the oils and butters in, drenching your skin in beautiful, natural moisture.

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