$59.90 NZD

The perfect BBQ equipment of course includes a turner for steak, burger & co! The ultra-flat turner not only offers an ergonomically designed handle with a practical hanging loop, which lies securely in the hand thanks to the Santopren insert. The beveled edges of the Wenders slide easily under the food - and show their sharp sides to cut! The serrated section of the Wenders assisted in releasing the food. And for cleaning, it goes off in the dishwasher.

  • ergonomic handle
  • Beveled edges glide smoothly under the grilled food and cut it too
  • toothed edge finish for loosening the grill grate
  • integrated bottle opener
  • L 40 cm; B 10 cm
  • hanging loop
  • high quality stainless steel and Santopren handle insert
  • dishwasher safe