$30.00 NZD

Take fresh flowers right from your garden and use them to brighten up your interiors by displaying them in pride of place in the Baila Vase from Amalfi.

  • Made of soda lime glass, the most prevalent type of glass in the world, for time-tested hardiness and strength to remain beautiful and usable for years to come
  • Soda lime glass is completely recyclable at the end of its life for an eco-friendly decor option
  • Glass is non-porous so you can fill it with water with peace of mind
  • Smaller size is perfect for displaying short-stemmed flowers, such as blossoms and daisies picked right from your garden, to bring colour and freshness to your space
  • Clarity of the glass lends itself to any interior aesthetic for easy styling - also allows you to see when it's time for a water change
  • Classic shape is perfect for displaying in pride of place on a console table, buffet, mantelpiece, coffee table, dining table, and elsewhere for endless display potential