$25.00 NZD

For avocado enthusiasts who savour one half at a time, preserving the other half becomes effortless with Avocado Huggers. The innovative design ensures extended freshness and this dual-sized set guarantees suitability for avocados of all sizes, from small to large. The exclusive pit pocket feature adapts seamlessly to pit-in or pit-out halves, delivering a snug embrace regardless of the avocado's state. Elevate your avocado experience and reduce waste with this essential kitchen tool

  • Set of 2 sizes ensures that you have a cover for all sizes of avocados 
  • Patented design gives your avocado the best protection possible 
  • No more plastic wrap, baggies or foil
  • Buy it once! We offer a Lifetime Warranty 
  • 100%Dishwasher safe & easy to clean
  • 100% BPA and phthalate free