$320.00 NZD

Say goodbye to sticky situations and cook up a storm with Le Creuset's Toughened Non-Stick deep frying pan, featuring their best-ever non-stick coating. The generous size makes this a versatile choice for all sorts of cooking tasks, whether you’re simmering a stew or searing meat. A joy to use, it’s easy to clean too.

  • Features Le Creuset's best-ever 4x stronger non-stick: tested, trusted and guaranteed for life. Independently laboratory tested for metal utensil abrasion resistance.
  • Strong to the core: its construction has been hard anodised to create efficient heat conduction and distribution for even cooking. Ideal for preparing quick and tasty meals. You'll only need to cook at low or medium temperature for great results.
  • Non-stick coating, both inside and outside, minimises the need for oil and ensures easy cleaning.
  • Abrasion-resistant with a strong and robust finish. Built to last in your kitchen for years to come.
  • Helper handle makes it easy to lift and move between your hob, oven and table (excludes 24cm).
  • Crafted from the finest materials in facilities around the world, ensuring the quality you expect from Le Creuset.


  • Suitable for all cooktops and conventional oven use.
  • Safe up to 260°C or 220°C (Gas Mark 7) with a Le Creuset heat-resistant glass lid
  • Material: Hard Anodised Forged Aluminium
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. Cook on low or medium heat only and avoid sudden temperature changes. Avoid metal utensils and abrasive cleaning.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Available in 4 sizes: 24cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm


  • 24cm: L45.2 cm x W25.1 cm x H9.6 cm, 2.3 litre capacity
  • 26cm: L51.7cm x W27.1cm x H9.6cm x D6cm, 2.7 litre capacity
  • 28cm: L53cm x W29.1cm x H9.6cm, 3.2 litre capacity
  • 30cm: L55cm x W31.1cm x H9.6m, 3.7 litre capacity