Whatever your celebration, setting up a Gift List with Kapa makes things easier for friends and family who would like to mark the occasion with a special gift. You can register absolutely free, then build and manage your list online or in-store.

Gift List with Kapa in 6 simple steps

1. Register for your list

Registering is free and simple, and can be done online or by phoning or visiting our Kapa store in Queenstown Airport, Queenstown.

2. The fun part

We suggest you choose your gifts 8 weeks before your wedding or event. You can either do this online or pop into the store where there are lovely knowledgable staff available to help if you need.  Remember there are always gift vouchers available to add to your list.

3. Making changes

You can change your mind at any time, even after your Gift List has opened. Just let us know!

4. Tell your guests

We can make your gift list available to you, your friends and family as soon as it's set up and will give you information on how they can buy a gift and delivery or collection options.

5. Delivery

We'll collate all your gifts and deliver them for free at a time to suit you or have them ready for collection.

6. Thank you

We keep track of everything that's bought, making those all-important thank you notes easy.

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