$62.00 NZD

Pomegranate + Juicy Mango 


Reminiscent of lazy sunset cocktails in quaint seaside towns, this intoxicating fragrance will take you straight back to your favourite summer holiday at any time of the year. Top notes of fresh pomegranate, white peach and tangerine blend beautifully with juicy mango and passionfruit, before settling into notes of warm golden amber and vanilla. 

Burn Time Guide:


Travel Tin: Up to 15 hours


Small: Up to 15 hours


Medium: Up to 40 hours


Large: Up to 65 hours


Burn times are based on our testing, strictly following our recommended burning tips. Depending on the conditions your candle is in you may notice some slight variation to these times.

Product Dimensions:

Travel Tin = 7cm W x 3.5cm H            Travel Tin Boxed = 8cm W x 8cm H x 4cm D


Small Jar = 5.7cm H x 6.5cm W          Small Jar Boxed = 9.5cm W x 6.5cm H x 9.5cm D


Medium Jar = 8cm H x 9.2cm W       Medium Jar Boxed = 12cm W x 8.8cm H x 12cm D


Large Jar = 10cm H x 10cm W            Large Jar Boxed = 13cm W x 10.8cm H x 13cm D